Sunny Products/Pacific Trendz

of Ontario, California, produces, markets and distributes archival products with trendy design and of high quality.

Founded in 1986, the company has been a premier manufacturer and supplier for photo albums, scrapbooks, photo storage boxes and photo frames.

With advanced manufacturing facilities in Ontario, California and in Shenzhen, China and combined with a depth of technical experience, we meet market and consumer requirements for quality photo and stationery products.

SPI photo archives display distinct design characteristics. They are designed by professional graphic and artistic designers using eco-friendly materials to the fullest extent possible.

Papers used for photo archives are acid-free, our metallics are tarnish-free, and wood materials are in compliance with the Lacey Act. In addition, most SPI products are elegantly hand-crafted.

Our aim is to provide markets and customers with an attractive array of fashions and styles, ideal for any and all occasions - anniversaries, weddings, travels, parties, and personalized gifts that will be treasured for a lifetime.